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ACEA: working towards a new era of mobility

This year the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) celebrates its 30th anniversary. Coinciding with this special occasion, we officially launched a new brand identity, vision and website for ACEA earlier in June.

Message from ACEA’s Director General – June 2021

But let’s first briefly go back in time, to ACEA’s foundation 30 years ago under the French name l’Association des Constructeurs Européens d’Automobiles, which explains the widely recognised acronym still in use today.

ACEA was actually born from the merger of two existing European associations: the Comité des Constructeurs du Marché Commun, representing vehicle manufacturers (that had been around since 1972), and the Comité de Liaison de la Construction Automobile, that represented national associations (founded in 1957).

In the run up to the creation of the European Single Market, both associations were merged into ACEA on 15 May 1991. Ever since, as the voice of the EU automobile industry, ACEA unites the manufacturers of the cars, trucks, vans and buses that power mobility for Europe.

However, throughout the last three decades we have seen a lot of change. Mobility has evolved, the automobile industry has transformed itself, and we at ACEA have also changed a lot. One thing has remained constant over the years though, and that is the strategic importance of the industry that we represent, which literally keeps Europe on the move and provides mobility to people all around the world.

The automobile industry is a technological world leader and Europe’s number one investor in R&D. Our sector is also the backbone of the EU economy, providing skilled jobs to millions of Europeans. But above all that, we keep Europe on the move – with our members providing a whole range of mobility solutions for moving people and goods from A to B. Mobility represents freedom and is a basic necessity.

But it does not come without some negative impacts, which we as an industry are committed to address and minimise in the interest of all citizens. Looking ahead, we therefore want to be a part of the solution for the challenges that the European Union is facing.

As an industry, we are progressing on the road to zero-emission and zero-fatality transport. We are addressing massive key technological shifts, and we are meeting the changing mobility needs of Europeans, which are profoundly transforming the way we move people and deliver goods across our continent.

And we will continue to re-invent ourselves in order to drive mobility for Europe and the world for the decades to come! Indeed, we are working towards a new era of mobility, where all Europeans can access affordable transport solutions that are Green & Clean, Smart & Efficient and Safe & Reliable.

Our mission is to drive Europe’s mobility transformation, while at the same time ensuring that the EU auto industry remains a strong Global & Competitive player. Ready to face the challenges on the road ahead.

To that end, ACEA acts as one with common industry positions that also reflect the overarching interests of auto industry workers, transport users and operators, not to forget the mobility needs of all 450 million European citizens.

It is in light of this vision that we launched a new brand identity and tagline for ACEA earlier this month. One of the main aims of ACEA is to bring the industry’s collective expertise to policy makers, for instance by sharing factual information to enable well-informed decisions, both here in Brussels and beyond.

That is why ACEA also launched a new website, here at, as part of this overhaul. Our new website contains a wealth of facts and figures on the EU auto industry, putting even more emphasis on interactive infographics and other useful resources than before.

On a very practical note, I would like to flag that all future ACEA e-mails will now come from addresses – including our monthly newsletter. Please be reassured that all messages to our old addresses are being transferred to the new ones.

However, don’t forget to add our new e-mail addresses to your address book and add the domain to the ‘Safe Senders’ list of your e-mail client, such as Outlook (step-by-step instructions can be found here).

If not, overzealous spam filters might get between us, so let’s stay in touch!

ACEA总干事致辞- 2021年6月
但让我们先简单回顾一下过去,30年前,ACEA以法语名称l 'Association des Constructeurs Européens d 'Automobiles成立,这解释了广为人知的缩写词至今仍在使用的原因。ACEA实际上是由两个现有的欧洲协会合并而成:代表汽车制造商的Comité des Constructeurs du Marché Commun(成立于1972年)和代表国家协会的Comité de Liaison de la Construction Automobile(成立于1957年)。在创建欧洲单一市场之前,这两个协会于1991年5月15日合并为欧洲统一市场联盟。从那以后,作为欧盟汽车工业的代言人,ACEA将欧洲汽车、卡车、货车和公共汽车的制造商联合起来,为欧洲的交通提供动力。然而,在过去的三十年里,我们看到了很多变化。机动性发生了变化,汽车行业也发生了变化,我们ACEA也发生了很大的变化。然而,有一件事多年来一直保持不变,那就是我们所代表的行业的战略重要性,它确实保持了欧洲的发展,并为世界各地的人们提供了流动性。汽车工业是技术世界的领导者,也是欧洲最大的研发投资方。我们的行业也是欧盟经济的支柱,为数百万欧洲人提供技术性工作。但最重要的是,我们让欧洲保持移动——我们的成员提供一系列的移动解决方案,将人员和货物从a地运送到b地。移动代表着自由,是基本的必需品。但它也会带来一些负面影响,我们作为一个行业,为了所有公民的利益,都致力于解决和尽量减少这些负面影响。因此,展望未来,我们希望成为解决欧盟面临的挑战的一部分。